Bowser – Mario Kart 7 Guide

Bowser Koopa is a tyrant from the distant country of Dark Land(Bowser now has his own castle) who is bent on taking control of the Mushroom Kingdom and has

Mario Kart 7 Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Longplay)

Mario Kart 7 Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Longplay) / 4K
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Neo Bowser City – Mario Kart 7 track in-depth guide and analysis

Welcome to Neo Bowser City, the third track of the Star cup. In this episode we will learn everything there is to know about this track so you can dominate online and offline play. Your feedback is always appreciated! Get behind the wheel and get ready for chaos! Smash Karts is waiting for you.


Music by Approaching Nirvana
Song: Vrazil





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Mario Kart 7 – Perfect 3-Stars Rank Tip Guide (Nintendo 3DS)
Earning Three Stars for every Grand Prix is one of Mario Kart 7’s biggest challenges. In this video, we’ll give you the tips we used to earn all perfect triple-star ranks! These tips are crucial for150cc and Mirror Mode!

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