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The First Prepper is one of the many lone Preppers with a bunker in the Central Region, and must be coaxed into joining the UCA. This distrusting man

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DEATH STRANDING – First Prepper (The hardest facility, the easiest delivery)

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9 Essential Starter Tips For Death Stranding

Death Stranding’s opening hours can be tough. Accomplishing objectives and delivering cargo is simple enough, but navigating the game’s bizarre, often treacherous world is the biggest challenge. If Death Stranding’s first three chapters are giving you a hard time, then we got 9 tips to help you start your journey.

Slow And Steady Gets You Through Tough Terrain

When you take your first steps during the opening hours, you’ll immediately notice that even basic movement feels particularly demanding. There is a purpose for this, and it’s all about putting you in the shoes of a delivery man carrying a heavy load of valuable cargo across treacherous landscapes. Unlike other open-world games where covering large amounts of ground can be easy, Death Stranding has a considerably slower pace. You’re intended to travel across long stretches carrying tons of cargo, but if you’re not smart about how you navigate the environment, Sam can quickly lose his footing and eat dirt.

Slow and steady movement is the name of the game in Death Stranding, and you’ll need to be constantly aware of the topography you’re walking across. Take it slow and pay attention to the surfaces you’re walking; be wary of rocks and steep inclines. By using the Odradek, Sam’s shoulder-mounted robot assist, you can better evaluate the finer details on the ground ahead of you. Surfaces marked blue by the scanner are safe to walk across, while ground marked yellow should be approached with caution. If it’s marked red, such as deep rivers or rough surfaces, then you’re better off avoiding them entirely. There will be some cases where you’ll have to traverse across tough terrain with tons of cargo, and when that happens, be sure to exercise caution. If you’re ever afraid of how you might cross a terrain, start by holding the shoulder buttons to stabilize your center of gravity and walk through it first before picking up the pace.

Inventory Management 101

A crucial part of Death Stranding is managing and expanding your inventory. Depending on how you choose to organize your backpack and other inventory slots, Sam’s poise, posture, and speed will be affected. You can eventually acquire exoskeletons to boost the overall carry limit, but it’s essential to understand the basics in the beginning. First, you need to ensure that you’re keeping track of what’s on your body at all times. While exploring, it can be easy to pick up stray cargo, and before you know it, you’ll find that Sam’s stamina is reduced and his ability to balance is negatively impacted. There’s a consequence for every item added to your inventory if you’re not careful. Even if you’re far under the carry limit, you can still notice an impact on your movement speed and balance with enough things stacked on you.

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