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Gears of War – Multiplayer Maps and Weapons – Escalation

Gears of War Maps and Weapons Walkthrough Video in High Definition


Multiplayer Maps and Weapons


Game available on: Microsoft Xbox 360 & PC
Video recorded on: Microsoft Xbox 360


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Learn the Basics of Building Escape Maps How To in Gears 5

Gears (of War) 5 is out soon! One of the fun things you’ll find to do outside of the campaign is the new Escape mode! Escape mode is dependent on great maps and creative players.
Learn all you need to know to get started with Escape Map Builder! In this guide I’ll show you how to place a start and end location. Explain how to create new chapters, place enemies and items. PLUS use one of the most important tiles in the game a nest spawner to surprise players as new enemies appear in the game! Become an egg-like warrior in Shell Shockers! Gather your friends and join in the egg-shocking fun.

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Gears of War 2 Combustible Map Pack Walkthrough and Review – In this video, we show you around the new maps that were just released tonight. These maps are 800 Microsoft points. We hope you enjoy the video and here’s a text review:

Here are a few quick hits on the new Gears 2 maps.

Flood – This map surrounded by immulsion is one of the more visually arresting maps. The big draw here is that the immulsion actually rises as the clock counts and will eventually catch up and kill you. If you act fast, the low lying area you spawn on links to the other opponents spawn, and as long as you beat the immulsion, you’ll gain a tactical advantage. There are a couple of magnums outside of the central hub of a map. Inside the center, there is a boomshot in the back and a mortar on the high ground. Overall, it’s a fairly small map and seems frantic.

Fuel Station – A sort of spiritual successor to the first game’s Fuel Depot. This map takes place around a gas station. The gas pumps themselves can be blown up and there are plenty of explosive tanker trucks around the map. The map has a sort of Gridlock feel to it as it’s rather cramped and closed off. Adjacent to the gas station is some high ground with a mortar on the top of it. Inside the gas station, you can counteract this leverage by taking a lift to the roof. There is also a scorcher up there. This map seems like it’ll be a fan favorite as it combines some great things that previous maps before it had. It’s not too big and not too small.

Gold Rush – This large map takes place in a two-tiered immulsion factory. The map is rather symmetric as both sides spawn and make a run for the middle. There is plenty of cover and plenty of room to move around. In the lower portion of the middle area there is a boomshot. Take the stairs to the top of the level to find a torque bow. This map is considerably larger some of the others and provides a great chance for larger battles.

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